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A/O Flap Disc

basic information
product description
Series: WK100F/C WK115F/C WK125 F/C WK180 F/C
Backing: Fibreglass/Aluminium
Bonding: Epoxy resin adhesive
Grain/Coating: Aluminium Oxide
Grit Range: P120-P40
Abrasive Types: T27 flat surface flap disc (primarily for flat grinding)T29 conical surface flap disc (for both flat and conical grinding)
Material Surface: Steel, non-ferrous metals, castings, aluminum alloys
Workpiece: Tools, castings, welding parts, punched and forged parts
Operation: Stock removal, blending welds, edge chamfering, deburring,rust removal, cleaning and finishing with power tools
Market Segment: Tool manufacturers, grinding shops, container construction,commercial kitchen manufacturers, metal furniture, foundries
Advantages: Produced by full automatic flap disc machine and full automatic labeling machine
- Full automatic production cycle 
- Highest productivity 
- Highest flexibility 
- Operator only to load materials and to remove the finished flap disc stacks
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Z/A Flap Disc