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Guangzhou Yang Zi River Industrial & Trading Co.,Ltd.



Brand Value


    WEILISHI fiber disc embraces its 25th- year China market success as one of the most influential and valuable abrasive brands in China, with its high-performing and high-quality abrasive products. 


Sale and Service Delivery


    WEILISHI fiber disc and WEILISHI product distribution network has covered the whole China market. The functioning sale network and market system grant us the advantage to serve our customers more perfectly, more creatively, and more efficiently and offer optimum solutions.


Market Commitment

    WEILISHI abrasive products win its customers with its high-quality and high-performance. Meanwhile, we value WEILISHI and YZR’s commitment towards our customers and the market, and offer our customers with high-quality products and service following the principle of mutual trust and benefits.  

    YZR is very devoted to product research and development: Self-developed automatic fiber disc processing line and Velcro disc processing line. The superior research and development competence lead us towards the excellence of international-level technique improvement. We introduce the new HELMUT WEISS flap disc machine and master the skill for operation and maintenance. Besides our standard fiber disc, Velcro disc and flap disc products, we process made-to-order products and offer OEM production with Velcro disc and flap disc. Welcome to contact us or visit us in Guangzhou.

Production Capability

Annual production capability for fiber disc : 40,000,000pcs
Annual production capability for flap disc(4〞) : 7,200,000pcs
Annual production capability for Velcro disc(5〞) : 20,000,000pcs
Flap disc size : 4〞 41/2〞 5〞 7〞
Advanced testing methods to provide comprehensive product testing and data acquisition.


Market Experience


    We have a 25-year successful cooperation with the world’s leading abrasive suppliers and the ability to obtain the first-hand market information and new products to provide the best solution. Our broad and deep cooperation with our distributors and end-users in the past 25 years have lead to a substantial mutual progress.


Factory equipment


factory equipment